The Saiyan Prince

Hey! You know, I think Vegeta is a nice character, the worst thing that Super and GT done to him is the fact that they did not take care of his character development. They always portray the same Vegeta. That one from the cell saga, that Vegeta that feels overwhelmed by Goku’s power gain.

I want a Vegeta that have his development finished like in the Buu saga, he already accepted that Goku is the chosen one, so why do he always says things like: “I will show you what means to be the saiyan prince”, it’s cool when he says it to an enemy but not Goku.

If the story takes part after the Buu saga then you must show us a more quiet and serious character like Piccolo that had the same destiny and Tenshinhan before him, Vegeta it’s just another villain that turned out good in the end, he have completed his development in that sense.

I hate when someone use the same strategies because they always worked. I’ve got pretty tired about that.

Stay imaginative and obviously have a nice day.


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