Three Years From Now (Complete)

I like how at a certain point in the Cell Saga everything fucks up, Toriyama-Sensei was probably sick of all the corrections his ex and new editor suggested him, so he wiped out any logic from the story and changed it in an all-fight saga.

The beginning of the saga was so promising, it was clear that the mood was different from before; mysterious facts happened and the heroes didn’t know how to counter-attack such a menace, androids impossible to track and a new enemy who has the energy of all the most powerful beings known. It could have been an awesome change of plan for Dragon Ball, but I guess we’ll never know due to Sensei’s lack of memory.

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You’ve Changed, Son

I’ve always liked the long-haired version of Trunks more.

Anyway I think that Trunks’ Sword is a waste of characterization because it was useful when n* 19 and n*20 were the villains, ’cause it was the quickest way to defeat them and their energy drain, but when n*17 and n*18 appeared, everything got messed up.

See you and be imaginative.