A Long Trip (Complete)

This one is an attempt to resemble the outfit of Sun Wukong, protagonist of Journey to the west, on Son Goku who was inspired by Sun Wukong himself,.

I chose the 4th super saiyan form because I thought his monkey features may have matched better with the outfit,

here’s a pretty known fact, Dragon Ball first started as an adaptation of the Chinese classic novel “Journey to the West” (1590) but then it changed path for editorial advices and writer evolution, becoming the manga we all know. Oh, if you’re wondering, Son Goku’s name is the exact transliteration of Sun Wukong from Chinese to Japanese and it’s written ”孫悟空”.

Be creative with your life, it is a journey, every time you reach your goal, it changes.

Not Goku Nor Vegeta (Complete)

I enjoyed so much this session and this artwork in general. It all started two days ago when a friend of mine gave me advices about how many references I should should use, it triggered me so good that I did this illustration, that is probably one of my best artwork in a long time.

Not Goku Nor Vegeta

Probably one of the most badass moments in Dragon Ball GT was Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta’s debut, the strongest and cockier character of all the brand since then.

I loved that moment at first but having the time to think about it, it was so damn unsatisfactory as a battle, ’cause during the battle he continued to be overconfident only to finish his time before defeating the opponent.

See you and be imaginative.

Galick Gun x10

Today I tried my best to use much time as I could to draw something, and to be honest this is nothing special but if I color it, it can surely improve.

See you and be imaginative.

But, Can He Beat Goku? (Step 3)

Doing backgrounds it’s like running in my experience, when I think about it I’m doubtful, then when I start it feels okay, after that, at some point, for a brief amount of time, I feel tired, once finished I’m satisfied, later then I want to do it again.

Substantially backgrounds are my worst nightmare until I start them.

Stay imaginative.