Daily Meditation for Illumination

I think that Piccolo probably meditates on a daily basis, and that’s cool off course, but Piccolo seems to overdo it, he probably meditate all day until something important happen, he must be the most conscious being on the earth and beyond.

I like how he only need water to survive and probably he drinks only spring one ’cause he is obviously aware of the importance of good water for one’s health. Piccolo lives smart and chilled out. Maybe that’s why he and Gohan are so fond of.

Stay imaginative drink good water and meditate and all will be fine.

Piccolo doesn’t always mean “little”


Piccolo means “little” in Italian, and it’s funny because Piccolo is pretty big.

Anyway the thing that scare me most when I draw is that I start sketching a pose but then I don’t have any idea about who will strike it, ok maybe it does not really scare me but it surely make me sweat.

Stay imaginative and have a nice day.