I made this one with a new type of shading and I’m really satisfied with the result

Anatomically talkin’ it was a bit hard to grasp, it took me some time to figure it out

Stay inspired.

Dragon Ball Per Aspera Ad Astra (Fan Manga Project)

chapter 1 cover art

It’s been quite a time since I’ve joined this project, a fan manga based on dragon ball, and it’s really a powerful experience that puts me in the corner in order to public a chapter every 2 months.

The improvement is huge, as you can see just looking to the cover arts, I think that having a deadline is what make us improve faster, no one wants to fail, and trying to do so, even if you don’t success, you don’t really lose, ’cause you bacame better.

chapter 2 cover art

As the project will get bigger I’m gonna request for a payment, ’cause this work takes really much of my time and energy.

Here is the link to the fan manga :

Love to anyone who is reading this