But, Can He Beat Goku? (Step 3)

Doing backgrounds it’s like running in my experience, when I think about it I’m doubtful, then when I start it feels okay, after that, at some point, for a brief amount of time, I feel tired, once finished I’m satisfied, later then I want to do it again.

Substantially backgrounds are my worst nightmare until I start them.

Stay imaginative.

But, Can He Beat Goku? (Step 2)

Today I’ve tried to do something different with the colors, the shadows are colder than usual indeed; at this point I suppose I’ll try to do the background despite it is the part where I feel more lacks.

Anyway it make me laugh baby vegeta’s face, that is like: 👁👄👁

Stay Imaginative.

But, Can He Beat Goku?

I think that this one is an artwork I really want to improve because of the difficulties I had with Goku’s face; when I started the sketch the face’s angle was different and later I’ve noticed how that perspective was pretty difficult for me to get, then I decide to retreat because it seemed unfair to leave it in that status.

But I felt that the line art has slightly improved, it’s obviously a personal thought but the time spent in it is surely lesser.

Stay Imaginative.