Done With Love

I first wanted to do them in the research of the dragon balls but then I thought it was more natural to show a father-son moment in this arc of the story.

I always thought Dragon Ball kinda lacked slice of life moments, the filler episodes of Dragon Ball Z were pretty light and nice, it seems that the animation staff tried to develop the character relationships in the filler moments just to “fill” what Toriyama-Sensei didn’t show us in the manga.

But they actually misunderstood some pretty important things, like Chi-Chi’s severity which isn’t that strong in the original work. In the manga you can understand that a mother cares about her son fighting for the planet, but not enough because Toriyama-Sensei wasn’t the type to show too many familiar moments; instead in the anime Chichi is a more exaggerated character in that point, his personality has only one direction, hyperprotectivity.

Sorry to have wrote this little digression, anyway hope you’ll come again on this site, have a good imagination.

Freedom Has His Costs

The battle between Future Gohan and the androids (technically cyborgs) where he lost his arm. Don’t worry, it’s a sketch but it’s my purpose to complete it and make more illustration of the highlights of this off-screen battle.

See you and be imaginative.

Son Gohan

As always I drew a character over a pose with no clues, I used these colors just to put it in a different way.

To be honest I have no real description for this one, I only drew a character over a relatively solid sketch.