Change the Future

If I have to say something about the retcon Toriyama-sama did with Bardock story, I’m kinda disappointed ’cause I loved it in his old TV special and everything about that was erased with no exception…huh, now Goku is just Superman from Vegeta.

Anyway, have a good imagination.

Seripa/Fasha Battle on Planet Meat (complete)

Well I think that I’m done with this, I really enjoyed this session! The part whom I like less is, obviously, the background, BUT I’ve done my best so, it’s worth it.

Today I’m pretty out of word ’cause… I have not so much to say 😀

Down here there is the old artwork that inspired me to do today’s one.

Stay imaginative.

Seripa/Fasha Battle on Planet Meat (color)

Well, doing that Dodoria cracked me a lot, I would like to draw more scene like this, more what if or off camera battles just for express my thoughts about those.

If you have any suggestions, comment below the post what it would be cool to see, anyway I’m looking forward for the background.

Stay imaginative.

Seripa/Fasha battle on Planet Meat (sketch)

It isn’t properly a sketch but it isn’t complete neither so let’s just call it sketch indeed.

however I drew this thinking about an artwork i did before I begun to post daily, it was about Seripa but I remember that I wanted to put Dodoria too, so, I tried to do it again with some fixes and I enjoyed this a lot. I think that when this artwork will be complete I’ll post the old one too just to compare.

By the way this scene is inspired from the Dragon Ball Z OVA : Bardock – The Father of Goku, I really liked that.

Stay imaginative.