Hurricane Polymar ( Sketch )

I always draw without knowing what I’m doing.

I start sketching, then, when I have a pose,the character choice come and it can even change during the process,in fact it happen very often.

When I was sketching this, I was thinking that I recently hadn’t changed enough subjects, that thought is probably the most usual in my mind, in this case I solved the problem drawing a character from an anime that I have not seen much.

Super Saiyan 4 Broly (Sketch)

A sketch that I done quickly, I will clean it tomorrow but I wanted to see what colors fitted better so down here there is the roughly colored sketch

Firstly I weren’t completely sure about the fur color ’cause the green seemed too strong, but with some yellowish green strikes it looked better, I think I’ll not change it that much from.


Midoriya Izuku (manga)

Today I didn’t know what to draw so I tried to improvise something, then, I chose a random character that suited the pose, in this case Midoriya, who doesn’t actually come from one of my favorite anime


Captain Ginyu (sketch)


In this site I’ll start with this sketch but you can see all the previous illustrations in the gallery.

Two months ago circa I’ve started to make an illustration per day and some time ago I opened this site making it my portfolio,hope you’ll find it interesting .

Contact me for any questions or suggestions.

See you