Let’s Have a Break

When I was younger I always thought that Sanji’s cigarette was something hilarious, ’cause it fall so rarely and when it does Sanji lights another one asap, something already seen with Jigen from “Lupin the Third” anyway.

If you’re wondering, yes, cigarette branding is a pun with the original Lucky Strike branding; changing topic, who Sanji could lend that cigarette to … I don’t always think about these details but I don’t think it is a crew member.

Well, stay imaginative.

Winding Hill

Today I was pretty inspired and it’s funny ’cause I had less time than usual so I was delighted discovering quickly a subject to draw. I was amused to drew the shoes and the arms too, today I found it really natural.

The gender of the figure in the illustration was not decided until I drew the face, however it is a bit ambiguous, for the avoidance of doubt: it is male.

There is a thing I was forgetting to mention, that this is the 101st drawing I’ve done in total from the beginning of this journey, and I must say that it passed pretty fast and it never was boring nor tiring .

Well, stay imaginative, maybe a bit childish too.

I am da speed man

I like One-Punch Man, with that I mean that it was really entertaining to watch, I found it a pretty new idea when I first saw it, the idea of a hero above everyone was interesting.

The character itself it’s funny and serious at the same time, it’s deep but undisclosed, someone whose past you want to know. Obviously he is one of the most interesting character, technically it’s his gain of power the interesting thing.

Now I’m not currently reading the manga but I will for sure, hoping for some good development, not that they were missing of course.

Seripa/Fasha battle on Planet Meat (sketch)

It isn’t properly a sketch but it isn’t complete neither so let’s just call it sketch indeed.

however I drew this thinking about an artwork i did before I begun to post daily, it was about Seripa but I remember that I wanted to put Dodoria too, so, I tried to do it again with some fixes and I enjoyed this a lot. I think that when this artwork will be complete I’ll post the old one too just to compare.

By the way this scene is inspired from the Dragon Ball Z OVA : Bardock – The Father of Goku, I really liked that.

Stay imaginative.