I sketched this some time ago and lately decided to complete it, luckily I improved my coloring technique so I did it better than I would have done back then


Zoom Zoom Wherever You Want

wow, it’s been quite a bit from the last time I posted something here.

Well this isn’t finished yet but it’s a proof that I’m not disappeared in another dimension, as you can see I’m searching to get rid of the lineart to get a more sculpting type of workflow.

Our Hero (Complete)

Yo! Gather everyone! A motivational post!

Jeez this post will be pretty long.

take this as just a little reminder that if you keep practicing you’ll keep improving, it’s a pretty trite phrase I know but I’m the proof, I mean, the difference is clear even after a single year, I know that someone just have to hear this message, and if you are that one, I’m with you!

From now on I will be working in various projects so I will take a pause in posting ,this is also due to the fact that my site fee is expiring and I can’t pay😅 but don’t worry 😀 I will find a way to get money, I was thinking about art commissions, feel free to message me if interested.

Despite the last parenthesis the message remains the same, never give up and keep practicing