From Another Planet (Complete)

Dragon Ball movies always had good animation but lacked in story, except for DBS Broly.

It’s pretty clear when you see them because the villains are always poor developed and are defeated by a power up came from nowhere; I think that it could be interesting to see some character rebooted as Broly ’cause the villains aren’t bad per se, the problem of the old DBZ movies is that they were done for festivals and were light vision, nothing so developed.

But thinking about Lord Slug that is a namekian as Piccolo make me curious about his past, you know, why is he a super namekian, what does it took to him to achieve such power? What had he lost? The problems of those movies is that they do not answer many questions and when they do, they do it bad.

Not Goku Nor Vegeta (Complete)

I enjoyed so much this session and this artwork in general. It all started two days ago when a friend of mine gave me advices about how many references I should should use, it triggered me so good that I did this illustration, that is probably one of my best artwork in a long time.

Not Goku Nor Vegeta

Probably one of the most badass moments in Dragon Ball GT was Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta’s debut, the strongest and cockier character of all the brand since then.

I loved that moment at first but having the time to think about it, it was so damn unsatisfactory as a battle, ’cause during the battle he continued to be overconfident only to finish his time before defeating the opponent.

See you and be imaginative.

Galick Gun x10

Today I tried my best to use much time as I could to draw something, and to be honest this is nothing special but if I color it, it can surely improve.

See you and be imaginative.


with glasses

A fast sketch of Ignis from ffxv, sorry to not have made something more complex but I encountered a lack of time.

without glasses

See you and be imaginative.


Today I noticed that statue link that jojo’s bizarre characters have, I already knew that Araki-sama uses statues as references for his artwork but I never had the feeling of it like today.

See you and be imaginative.

Baka Mitai

I loved playin’ as Kiryu in Yakuza (Ryu Ga Gotoku). The classical stubborn character who seems to always be like that. Maybe I portrayed him a bit too tanned.

See you and be imaginative.