Winding Hill

Today I was pretty inspired and it’s funny ’cause I had less time than usual so I was delighted discovering quickly a subject to draw. I was amused to drew the shoes and the arms too, today I found it really natural.

The gender of the figure in the illustration was not decided until I drew the face, however it is a bit ambiguous, for the avoidance of doubt: it is male.

There is a thing I was forgetting to mention, that this is the 101st drawing I’ve done in total from the beginning of this journey, and I must say that it passed pretty fast and it never was boring nor tiring .

Well, stay imaginative, maybe a bit childish too.

Broly Power is Building

You know, it was really awkward when Broly transformed in his legendary form in Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

I mean, they ruined all the thing with the CGI, you don’t see the very moment, I think the movie would have been better if they chose to animate it like the rest.

Stay imaginative.

Wild Rider Bulma

I like this outfit despite it doesn’t appear in the manga nor in the anime, if you wonder where does it come from, it was the 4th chapter title page illustration of the original manga, it’s a shame that it was nothing more than that.

I must say that I really liked today’s session, it was amusing.

Stay imaginative.

The Saiyan Prince

Hey! You know, I think Vegeta is a nice character, the worst thing that Super and GT done to him is the fact that they did not take care of his character development. They always portray the same Vegeta. That one from the cell saga, that Vegeta that feels overwhelmed by Goku’s power gain.

I want a Vegeta that have his development finished like in the Buu saga, he already accepted that Goku is the chosen one, so why do he always says things like: “I will show you what means to be the saiyan prince”, it’s cool when he says it to an enemy but not Goku.

If the story takes part after the Buu saga then you must show us a more quiet and serious character like Piccolo that had the same destiny and Tenshinhan before him, Vegeta it’s just another villain that turned out good in the end, he have completed his development in that sense.

I hate when someone use the same strategies because they always worked. I’ve got pretty tired about that.

Stay imaginative and obviously have a nice day.


I am da speed man

I like One-Punch Man, with that I mean that it was really entertaining to watch, I found it a pretty new idea when I first saw it, the idea of a hero above everyone was interesting.

The character itself it’s funny and serious at the same time, it’s deep but undisclosed, someone whose past you want to know. Obviously he is one of the most interesting character, technically it’s his gain of power the interesting thing.

Now I’m not currently reading the manga but I will for sure, hoping for some good development, not that they were missing of course.

Kratos Where is the Boy?

Santa Monica Studios really knew how to reboot a brand with God of War, I liked all the series but the last “chapter” is a true masterpiece to my opinion.

Surely more deep and never boring it pleased us with a better graphic too, oh and there was the BOI too.

Cat With No Hat

GODDAMIT! It always ends up looking weird when I wait some time before I post, I swear it looked better than this, hours ago. Maybe it’s the size or the time indeed, not sure about that.

Well at least I’ve putted maximum effort on it, I’ll surely look for some digital painting tutorial.